Oculus Rift part 2

Short thoughts after playing with the Rift today:

  • NetKar pro doesn't look right at all using Tridef. This makes me very sad.
  • LFS doesn't work at all either.
  • Tridef supports Deus Ex: Human Revolution out of the box, but the 3d effect doesn't seem to be very strong at all. Framerate seems a bit poor and there's quite a bit of lag.
  • The same seems to hold true both of Tridef and Vireio: both 3rd party 3d drivers produce a noticeably poorer 3d effect than games that were written specifically for the Rift.
  • Notable exception: Skyrim. Skyrim looked awesome with Tridef.
  • A lot of the demos produced specifically for the Oculus Rift are of hilariously poor quality. The remaining few are incredibly impressive and will blow your mind. Alone in the Rift is so much win. Titans of Space is gorgeous as well.
  • iRacing seems to be the only racing sim with official support for the Oculus Rift. The way they dealt with the on-screen menus is very well done, though it takes some getting used to. The racing experience on the other hand is average at best, and for some bizarre reason the people who made it require you to sign up and pay money for a monthly subscription before you can even try the bloody game. Then they charge you more for additional cars and tracks, which you will want because the standard cars suck. And I can't seem to find an option to not use my real name. Bizarre. Truly bizarre. I don't really want anything to do with a game like that, but it's the only one with proper Rift support..

Last but not least: I spent two 40-minute sessions today playing Half Life 2 in all its glorious Riftyness. It was perhaps the most immersive gaming experience I've ever had. Unfortunately I couldn't play longer because each session induced some serious nausea. I find this weird because normally I never get nauseous from anything. But at the end of each session my body was clearly telling me to stop, lest something nasty happen to my stomach and whatever object happens to be in front of my mouth. It's nowhere near serious and it's easy to stop when you feel it coming on, but it certainly does reduce your appetite. Maybe that's a good thing; the Oculus Rift can be the new way of dieting.

More to come.

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