Bike things

Exactly a week from now marks the anniversary of my new bicycle, meaning it's now well over a year since I was living in the crappy overpriced apartment in Ealing where my old bicycle got stolen. A lot has changed, yet nothing has changed. Although I'm still working for the same client, still not quite happy with my apartment situation, my mindset has changed since then. Much like after my first year in Japan I've just gotten a lot more comfortable and confident with the situation.


Back to bicycle things though. The Long Haul Trucker's first year was not too strenous. One multi-day trip to the Netherlands, a couple of day trips and a lot of weekend workouts. I've got big plans for next year though. Canada East to West, New Zealand and the remaining bits of Japan that I haven't done yet. I want to do at least one of those three, although it would be great to do all three.

Keep calm and go traveling!

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