Busy days

Just a record of my day for my future self. I worked over 9 hours today. My team is building a CMS. The job is demanding, at times technically challenging and at times technically tedious. But my team consists of great guys and I love working with them. Lately I end up working during lunch time, and the job becomes more and more about simply typing than it is about thinking. But I know this is only temporary and things will return to 'normal' sooner or later.

Tonight I ended up eating at my girlfriend's place, watched some silly short movies on vimeo and then commuted home. Had a shower, and now I am typing this blogpost. Today there was hardly anything out of the ordinary happening. And that's why it's worth writing down.

I am not happy with my new housemates. I am not happy with the shitty internet connection that keeps breaking. I want to move somewhere else.

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