I have a confession to make: the pseudonymous blog experiment is a failure. Two reasons:

  • There are too many things I cannot mention or have to be vague about in order to remain pseudonymous. Just like my on real blog, I find myself limited in the things that I am able to say, but for entirely different reasons.
  • Most (if not all) of the things I wrote pseudonymously in the past four months are topics that I would not mind having my real name attached to. In fact, for some of the topics I wrote about, having my real name attached to it would benefit me in real life, as they are about technology and would help promote me as a programmer.

The reason that this blog, the real blog, has been offline for so long is because my free trial on Amazon EC2 finally ended. Having already decided that I wouldn't blog here any longer I decided to take the site offline for the time being, while working on a static version that I could host on S3. I never got around to that though.

When faced with the choice of statically perserving the site, or keeping it active and allowing myself to blog with my real identity, it was pretty clear what I wanted. So here we are! Back in business! :) 

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