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Today was a productive, yet insanely expensive day. I booked PADI, which unfortunately forces me to stay in the Tokyo area if I want to do it in English (and on short notice), meaning more moneys flying away to hotels. I could have camped, perhaps, but sitting in a leaky tent in the rain just isn't the perfect environment for studying. And study I must, cause it's a damn big book. Although I have to say, I finished about 70 pages of it and so far it's been ridiculously easy. You'd have to be very special not to be able to understand chapter 1 of the PADI book.

So, with PADI booked and hotels taken care of for the next week or so, I can now plan the return journey. Staying in the Tokyo area after PADI will just drain my wallet real quick, so I'm planning to head off towards Narita and maybe the coast, to hang out there either in my tent or some cheaper hotels until my flight (which I haven't changed yet :S). If the weather's good then perhaps I can get some swimming time in. That'd be nice.



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