A drive, country roads and the mighty moon

Sometimes, when I've been at home too long, I lose interest in the things I genuinely like the most in life. I love playing certain games, watching certain shows and movies, reading certain books or comics, and so on. But after a while I become desensitized to it. My quickfix is to do two things at the same time: play a game that allows for sort-of passive playing while watching a TV show or movie that I can follow without paying too much attention to it. This eventually gets me to stop paying attention to either, and I lose interest in each activity individually. The mind enters a loop state from which it is very difficult to escape. But it is possible.

Exercise is my main way of resetting my brain. It nearly always works, although it will cost you time, a clean set of (gym) clothes, a shower and possibly some sore muscles. But you gain in health, lose weight and reset your mental state, which is well more than worth the cost.  The biggest cost, time, is the one that matters the most. Compared to spending two hours doing apathetic activities, I find it much more enjoyable to exercise for an hour and then be aware, self-actualized and in the zone for the  next hour, actually enjoying the thing I was spending my time on.

Cycling is the next obvious fix for me. The exercise bit of cycling helps to re-actualize yourself, but I mainly derive enjoyment and resetting from the act of being away from home, free on a bicycle, being able to go wherever I want. It doesn't have to be a speed cycle, although that's one way to keep pushing yourself after you've become too used to cycling. Distance is another nice metric. Unfortunately the weather and the landscape doesn't always lend itself to a nice cycle. If there's lots of wind I'll come back grumpy and dead, and if there's rain I will probably not even go out. Wouldn't it be great if there was an outdoor self-actualization activity that wasn't (entirely) weather-dependent?

But there is! I've got a car now! With a car you can go out whenever you want, no matter the weather. Sure, rainy drives are still gloomy, but at least the occasional rainshower won't bother you as much as when you're on a bike, and wind doesn't bother you at all. Plus, wet roads can provide their own entertainment for cars.

I guess the most important thing is variety in the things that you like, and variety within each thing that you like. You can't always keep doing the same thing in the same way, it'll dull your mind. I never would have been inspired to write this post if I hadn't gone out for a drive just now. I found some lovely countryside roads, enjoyed a pretty sunset while on the road and saw a gigantic moon come up over the hills as I was driving back. Brilliant. And sufficiently different from the other things I like to keep my mind from looping.

Fun things are fun! Many fun things are disproportionately funner!

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