Time fills itself up

..or: what I've been doing the past few weeks. (tl;dr - nothing much)

I'm still officially on my not-quite-a-holiday-but-not-quite-working-either period. I was hoping to have a few weeks of absolutely nothing on my hands: no obligations, no chores, no must-do's, no anything. The last time I had a period like that was after I left Japan and was in Holland with my parents for a few months. I tried to tell myself that such a period was still possible, but I really kinda knew already that it wouldn't be.

In-between holidays and holiday planning I ended up searching for rental apartments, houses to buy and jobs. Since I decided I wanted I car, I had to decide which car to buy and deal with all the arrangements around that. I was expecting a bit of quiet after my sister came to visit, but because a middle-aged lady ran her car into mine I had to deal with getting the insurance money and the garage (which still isn't quite dealt with, by the way..). Then a chance for a beneficial holiday presented itself, meaning I had to deal with delaying my resume date for work.

I had unreasonably expected another period of quiet right around now, but was wrong again. The car insurance thing is still going, so no mental peace there. Furthermore, I need to deal with renewing my passport, since it expires within 6 months, and accommodations for the next holiday aren't quite perfect yet. Lastly, after the track day I did with the GT86 the brakes felt like they've grown a bit weaker, so I've been researching about which brake pads, discs and fluid to buy. I have to say that they've firmed up again after this week's rain, so it's not a necessity, just a luxury problem to ensure that the next track day goes more smoothly.

Lastly, I came back from holiday yesterday and some chav children decided that it would be fun to fuck around near my car. I was walking towards them from a distance when I noticed them touching it, and they appeared to be play-fighting and throwing themselves across the street, flinging each other into whatever came in their path, including my car. Yesterday was quite possible the first time in my life that I managed to intimidate someone (with language of course, not violence). The incident made me realize that I wanted to beef up my surveillance setup, for which I got a raspberry pi and infrared camera plus light. I spent half of today trying to get that set up, only to be rather disappointed by the frame rates. It seems to be a work in progress, though, as with everything Linux. At least the resolution is good. Still, setting it up properly will keep me busy for quite some time.

This is how time works. There's no such thing as 'free' time. As soon as a time slot appears free, something immediately fills it up. There's no use fighting it. Just accept it and fill as many slots as you can with things that you enjoy.

A long summer break. I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back to work.

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