If my life was a..

If my life was a movie or a book then I'm pretty sure I'm getting close to the end credits. The initial premise, the way my character was presented at the beginning of the story, his frustrations, worries and goals, are all close to being resolved. The main storyline is nearly complete. The end credits will roll. The story will end.

And then, a new story will begin. With the same main character as the last story, but a slightly different, more evolved version. The new version of the character will have different worries, different problems, different goals. Even if the hero's journey is at an end, there will still be stories to tell. Perhaps the stories of others will take center stage in part 2. Perhaps there will be a major event in the life of the main character that will make him re-evaluate his goals. Or perhaps he'll just live happily ever after. That'd be a pretty boring story to tell, though.

Can't wait for part 2. Got to finish part 1 first..

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