Room revolution

The things that made my room 'my room' are mostly gone now. I sold my bed, desk and microwave today. Most of my personal belongings I already put in boxes. Tired now. There's a huge wind blowing outside that's loudly shaking every part of the building I live in. Strangely enough there's no rain and not many clouds at all. I'm wondering if I could succesfully spend the night in a tent if the wind is this strong..

My room in the morning
Evening desu yo
This is where I'll be sleeping tonight

Still not feeling very good about the whole thing. I guess that will only change when I finally depart. That might actually turn out to be sooner than expected. Although it's storming right now it's quite warm (~20C), and room preparations are proceeding smoothly as well. Plus, spending my days in this boring empty room would be terrible, so I'd better leave quickly.

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