Yay + Ouch = Youch

Today was very intellectually satisfying, yet physically very painful.

I'm starting to see the big picture! At work, that is. I'm getting more used to how everything works, and am slowly starting to find out the dimensions of the picture to grasp, and the fact that said picture may be graspable by a mind as tiny as my own. That's a good feeling. Also, we had an RC helicopter to play with at work today, which was just brilliant.

On a physical note, I'm walking 30 minutes to work every morning, and 30 minutes back. I'm quite happy with this. It's very good exercise. Unfortunately my shoes are slightly too big so today I chafed one of my calves until it bled while walking back home. Need new shoes.

And on a second physical note, I was heating some lasagna in the microwave today. When it was finished I took the lid off and managed to splash some boiling hot water drops onto my thumb. I was rather amused by what happened after that. At first I realized what I did, thought nothing of it as I do similar things all the time. About half a second later I realized that my thumb was indeed becoming very hot and even began to hurt a little. Another half a second later I was running to the faucet because my skin was coming off. End result: a huge blotch of skin missing on my thumb. The pain is gone now, as long as I make sure that air is the only thing that comes into contact with it. I wish I could Ctrl-Z this..

I'd post photos, but internet at my apartment is extremely slow. It took a minute just to load the add post screen. This is a problem for the apartment hunt because it only works at unreasonable times. Oh well, I can always renew my current apartment for another month and move to a different place later.


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