My last day (sucks)

I don't usually use swear words on my blog, but this time I would just like to say that the weather FUCKING SUCKS. WTF!?!? Someone up there must hate me. The weekend was like summer, and the Monday is like winter? Fuck that.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, here's what I'm looking at right now:

Did I mention that the weather SUCKS?

And this is everything I will own for the next couple of months:

Stuff. Lots of it.

Stuff list:

  • Leftmost sidebag: books, medicin bag, sun- and bug-related creams and sprays, hygiene bag (toothbrush, deodorant, shaver etc.), 2L water bottle, food related stuff (knife/fork, 2 snickers bars as emergency food, chocolate paste to put on bread).
  • Center sidebag: tent, sleeping bag, warm sleeping clothes, winter hat + gloves.
  • Right sidebag: ¬†clothes (underwear, shirts, cycling clothes etc.).
  • Front sidebag: Tools for bicycle repairs, spare parts, pump, more clothes (swimming, rainwear), other miscellaneous stuff.
  • Big black backpack: passport and other documents, daily need stuff (sunblock, sunglasses, cycling gloves, cap, cycling computer etc.), tech stuff (iPod, laptop, hard disk, a whole bunch of cables, solio solar charger), photo stuff (DSLR, lens, spare batteries and memory cards, compact camera), and probably more stuff that I can't recall right now.
  • Small brown backpack: empty (see below for the why).

I beg your pardon for the promiscuous placement of the roll of toilet paper (or Emergency Downfire Rescue Material as I call it). Simply forgot to pack it when taking the picture. Also, I decided at the last minute not to bring my 70-300mm lens and 50mm prime. I had already packed them, but I really don't have the space for it, and I'm just not sure if I'll ever by in a situation where I feel like I need them. If ever I do feel that way I'll be pissed off for leaving them at home, but so be it.

Today has been a really bad day for me. I had to carry a heavy box of stuff to the post office in the pouring rain. After that I came back home and realized I had forgotten to clean some parts of my room and I had to spend another 2 hours cleaning up. Then I packed up all my belongings so I could try to fit them on the bicycle in preparation for tomorrow. On the way down I dropped the backpack with my DSLR and expensive lens on the conrete floor.. Everything seems to work so far, and I really hope I didn't break anything. After that, equipping my bicycle with all my bags, I realized that there is no possible way to mount two backpacks. The bicycle simply isn't as big as I thought it would be. I was planning to have a 'day-bag' with just my camera and important documents, and everything else in a big backpack that rarely leaves my bicycle. This has now been proven impossible, and I have to fit everything in the big backpack, which has become uncomfortably heavy. The only bright side about this is that I don't have to wonder in which backpack I put my stuff, and that the big backpack fits nicely in the dry bag, so everything important is protected against the rain.

Guh. It's days like this that make me wonder why I quit my job.

This is it. My last day in Atsugi. Tomorrow they'll be coming to shut down the gas, water and electricity, and to take my key. I'll be officially homeless. I can post by mobile phone, so I'll make one last post tomorrow before leaving.

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