Ski trip 2008!

And I'm still here!!!!! :'( -____- o_0

Ski trip pictures

Best of January


It was fun. Especially the second day. The first day I was clowning around and I forgot all about how to ski. It was only the second day that I remember how to turn properly T_T, but then it was already too late. I'd gone with Brian to the top of the mountain, and the only way down was an intermediate course. I ate snow... Worse of all I didn't hang out much with most of the people that day.

Second day way great though. I took my camera and lenses with me in my backpack and went around taking pictures, and at the same time taking more and more risks on my ski's without falling :D Eventually I switched to taking movies with my compact camera though, because taking the big camera out all the time was quite annoying. Taking movies and pictures of everyone having fun was so great, and the backdrop is just the best.

I've shared some of the pictures on picasa here, and there will be more (eventually, I'm getting a backlog.... ) on my photoblog later.

(Side note: wordpress seems to have 3gb of free space instead of the usual 50mb. Looks like they finally realized it's not the 1990's anymore)

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