I haven't seen a single cockroach for more than a week now, nor have they been caught in the traps I set. I say 'they' but I really saw only one. I've left no food or water lying around in my room, and if it that single cockroach that I witnessed last week tried to get out of the crevice that it crawled into, it should get stuck in a trap immediately. I have a new hypothesis: two cockroaches snuck into my room at the same time last time, and only once. I killed one of them and the other one is out of my reach and either died there or will die soon. If I keep my balcony door and my front door sealed I should not receive any more unwelcome visitors.

I've been catching up on anime lately, watching EF, A tale of memories and melodies. It looked interesting at first, but after a while I figured out the 'theme' of the series and it got bored fast. It's like an art project that's overdone. Oh well. Higashi no Eden finished recently, which is really too bad because it was the best anime I've seen in quite a while. And then there's Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo which is quite possibly the most unimaginative piece of crap on TV this year.

Found this website while wiki-ing tonight: For $399 they will map your genes for you and provide you with all the information you can possibly think of wanting. I think that's absolutely brilliant. It would certainly satisfy some of my thirst for new information and statistics. Hmmm...

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