Currency conversion

A small follow-up to the post I made a couple of days ago about making money by converting currency. I did a little comparison of the currency conversion rates of two years ago compared to now, and what would have happened if I had exchanged 1000 euros into local currency two years ago, and back again to euros today. The results were not very exciting..

For about 85% of the currencies I would have lost money had I exchanged from euros to that currency. Of the remaining 15% most currencies are not interesting because the gain is very small and would likely be lost in the transaction fee, so the only remaining currencies that are profitable are Switzerland Francs (107.5 euro profit), Silver Ounces (228 euro profit), Japan Yen (254 euro profit) and Gold Ounces (350 euro profit). As you can see two out of four are not even actual currencies but raw metals. I guess I am really fortunate to be earning money in JPY, cause out of all the currencies in the world it was the one with the highest increase in value for the past two years.

I still haven't found the bug in the system! But I'll keep searching :D

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