Attack of the salesmen

Situation: sunset, nice weather, but really cold. I just cycled to the seaside and back. Arriving back home, I'm cold, sweaty and I want to take shower. After climbing up the stairs to my apartment there suddenly appears this salesman, who was ringing someone else's door, but noticing his new prey focused all his attention on me. We had this conversation:

  • [Salesman (in Japanese)]: Hello, do you have a second?
  • [Me (in Japanese, hoping this will really only take a second)]: Ok....
  • [Salesman (JP)]: Do you know AU?
  • (AU is one of the biggest mobile phone and internet providers in Japan)
  • [Me (in Japanese)]: Yes
  • [Salesman (JP)]: very long story that was spoken way too fast for me to understand anything
  • [Me (in English)]: Dude, I have no idea what you just said
  • (Salesman now switched to English, which really annoyed me. Usually they give up if you show that you don't understand Japanese)
  • [Salesman (EN)]: Do you use internet at home?
  • [Me (EN)]: No
  • [Salesman (EN)]: Oh. Do you have a PC at home?
  • [Me (EN)]: No.
  • [Salesmen (JP)]: ...Ok, I see. Excuse me.  (He had a mixture of surprise and annoyance on his face at this moment, a rare thing to see on a Japanese person practicing his profession.)

Ok, I lied a bit. A lot. But it saved him and me a lot of time, since I wasn't going to buy his shit anyway.

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