Oh dear

Trip preparation... perhaps not so good. I found a blog called fatcyclist.com, which is a great read. While laughing at his stories I realized that he's in way better shape than I am...

Throwing reality out of the window for a minute, I've been thinking (fantasizing) a lot about the start of my trip. What would be the best way to get the hell out of here? Go by the places I like the most and reflect, while smoking a pipe and drinking whisky? Perhaps not. Seriously though, there's only one good way to go west from Kanagawa, and I'm not taking it. Sane people will take the road south and hug the shoreline all the way to Nagoya, with perhaps a small exception to skip Izu. I've decided on a different path though. Behold.

That's right. I intend to cycle to the Fuji five lakes area by going north from Atsugi, taking the route towards the lake that I often go to. This time though, the climb towards the lake is only one fourth of the total climb, and this time I'll be carrying a bunch of luggage as well. Did I mention that the road is not a simple incline, but actually goes up, then down again, then up again... ? The first part might actually be the most difficult part of the trip.

Oh well. At least it'll be good exercise.

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