Kyoto in the rain

I walked around Gion district in the rain today. Despite the rain it was a very nice experience. The area just feels so nice and old. I've been to Kyoto before but didn't wander around this area at all, which is a real shame. So much nice atmosphere here.

A bridge in the Gion district
Lots of shops and bars nearby
Nice street.
City center as seen from the east
Even the bridges look nice

The public bath is always a place to strike up a conversation. Today I talked to an old man who was traveling around Japan. It's amazing how many old Japanese people you meet in youth hostels. Yesterday at the youth hostel there was only me and one old man. Today there's me and two old men. They're multiplying. Anyway, this old man told me he was 61 and retired. He still had a job but he only has to work 3-4 days per month, to earn what he refers to as his 'allowance'. The funny thing is, this man had his business in Hiratsuka, the place near the seaside that I always used to cycle to. It seems like quite a coincidence to meet someone so close to where I'm from. Quite a coincidence indeed, because the old man I met yesterday lived near Ebina, another place close to Atsugi.

Tomorrow's weather will be nice!

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