I have a little secret to admit: I've been deceiving you all for the past few days. In truth, the blogposts I have been making for the past few days have been scheduled in advance to cover up for my surprise return to Holland! :D

Now this might be a little bit messy: at the moment that I am typing this blogpost it's 06/15, 8AM. I'm at Narita airport, waiting to check in my overweight bicycle. I have no idea if my oversized luggage will cause trouble or if everything will go smoothly, but by the time this is published (06/17 21:00) I should be back in Holland. I'm planning to surprise my parents my suddenly showing up in front of their doorstep with my bicycle, two weeks earlier than they expect me. On the 18th I will report on the results of the surprise. From then on things'll be back to normal, and I will be back in Holland, never again to return to the lifestyle I experienced in Japan for the past 4 years... T_T

Note: I did a poor job of covering up my tracks, and if you had checked my tweets, the weather report in Japan or the EXIF data on the photos I posted then you probably would have found something odd ;)

Update, two hours later: I managed to stuff all of my luggage except my backpack and one sidebag into the bicycle bag, which weighed between 26 and 30 kg o_0. They made me take the air out of the tires and had me pay 9300 yen because of the overweightness. Ouch, but acceptable. Ironically, if I had gone to Holland two months ago without the bicycle, the total weight would have been more. I've lost over 10kg. IMO if you're going to charge for weight, you might as well charge for body weight as well. Yes, I say that knowing that I would not benefit from such a deal. But it's just more logical than having to pay for overweight luggage. At least they can weigh the passengers and then decide on a price-per-kilogram for the overweight luggage afterwards, based on the total weight of the passengers. That way would make much more sense to me...

Bye bye Japan. I will miss you a lot.

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