Cycling Japan: more photos

Here's some more photos of my cycling trip in Japan. This time I'm sharing some photos that I took on the Kii peninsula, from Mie, Wakayama and Nara prefectures.

After taking the ferry to Kii, I cycled along a big road when I suddenly spotted a youth hostel sign. I followed it onto this road and eventually had to climb a huge hill to finally reach the hostel.

I really miss the mountains. (but not the JUSCO)

This was quite a tough climb, but not too tough. It was also one of the most beautiful roads I've found.

Also taken at the aforementioned road.

Doing laundry at a business hotel. I had to leave again the next morning. My laundry was not dry.

Spotting a vending machine after a long period of cycling is like approaching the finish line after finishing a hillclimb.

Awkward raindrops on a poster of a politician. >_<;

Still more to come!

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