Japan eartquake observations

There's a couple of things that I want to write about the 8.9 magnitude Japanese earthquake. I've contacted most of the people I know in Japan, and they're all fine. I'm checking online media, and there's 3 events I want to mention here. These events made me: amuses/surprised, flabbergasted, and very angry.

  1. A friend checked in to a water purification plant on foursquare (which is usually used for restaurants/cafes).
  2. The #prayforjapan Twitter tag
  3. Facebook comment  made by a friend of a friend on the situation in Japan: "They got what they deserve !it's god damn them n punished !"

I was sort of amused by the first item. Foursquare is social media, usually used for less-than-life-threatening situations like going to a cafe or a restaurant. The fact that it's now being used to check in to a water treatment facility was amusing at first, but then I realized that it's also a way of letting people know where you are, and where would be a good place to go in case of a major earthquake.

Comment on 2: I'm pretty much the functional equivalent of an atheist. I am not without emotion, so I can appreciate that people want to stick together and draw hope from being in the same situation by being united under the #prayforjapan tag on Twitter. But it's not God who created the fucking buildings that withstood the earthquake. It's men. It is thanks to fucking awesome technology that there are not more victims to this eartquake. God had nothing to do with it. I support Japan and the Japanese people with all my heart, but I sure as hell don't want to pray to any god to show my support.

But it's point 3 that really gets my blood boiling. This guy then proceeded to elaborate his statement:

When they slaughter our people, included baby ,and my great gran , we lost our family name, thankfully someone pick up my dad on the street , otherwise my family won't be exist .

Apparently a massive disaster is a great time to hold war grudges from over half a century ago. I really wish that people would not think in this way. This comment was made on Facebook, shared only with friends and friends of friends, which might serve as mitigating circumstances for some people. I really don't like this way of thinking. It's just disgusting, and people who genuinely feel this way are worthless human beings that do not understand at all what it means to be human. To the guy that made this comment: fuck you.


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