Still alive!

Cycled ahead of the storm today with huge winds pushing us forward, and sometimes sideways into the path of a passing car. The winds also made it very dusty and sandy which killed my eyes. Here's some other random notes i feel I should blog about before I forget them.

  • I actually enjoyed the uphill/downhills more than droning on the long flat roads.
  • We're fairly on schedule, but according to the weather report every day from now on will be rain and thunder.
  • Accommodation on Sicily seems to be fairly cheap compared to the rest of Europe. For 20eur you can have a very nice room, quite unlike Amsterdam or Antwerp.
  • Tim is a mad cycling monster.
  • Pizza was good.

92km today. Tomorrow we'll either aim for 100 or get stuck in the storm and not do anything at all. More later!

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