Well, I'm pretty sure I failed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in flying colors. As soon as I saw the first question I realized that I would fail. The amount of kanjis on the test was overwhelming, and I was not at all prepared for it. I've been practicing for fun on a kanji game, which I thought helped me a lot, but it didn't. What I should've done was just take the JLPT workbook and start practicing, writing down kanji as I went along. So many everyday kanji that I learnt already did not appear on the test, and there were a lot of  other kanji present that usually only appear in written form, which meant that I had no prior knowledge of them. I guessed, applied reverse psychology and tried to find the answer by treating the questions as an encryption problem. And when all that did not work, I used my psychic powers. Let it be said that if I pass this test, it will not be because of my knowledge of Japanese.

That was the written part of the test. Then came the listening part. I can be brief about the listening: it was quite frankly an insult of my intelligence, and the intelligence of everyone present who had already done the super tough written part. After such an extremely difficult challenge I was  prepared for the worst, yet it couldn't have been easier. At least I left the classroom with a slightly positive feeling. And a headache.

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