Now it is the beginning of a fantastic journey!

Summer is going to be awesome. I'm going to meet up with old friends in New York for two weeks, and right after that I will be travelling to Japan for a month. Since not using an apartment in London for almost two months is a criminally expensive affair I decided to take this chance to rid myself of my burdens and my horrible estate agent, and just cancel everything. Well, except my girlfriend. And my job. It's weird to have those two things and yet still be mobile enough to travel for two months. Thank you girlfriend, thank you bosses.

That said, I am actually going to be working while on holiday, a decision that met with some controversy with people I know. Is it really difficult to enjoy a holiday while still working from time to time? I'm not sure what I'd do in Japan by myself for one month if I didn't also have work. Besides, something has to pay for the trip, I might as well earn my pay as I go along. For the first time since last year, when I loudly proclaimed that I'll be a suitcase traveller, working here and there while travelling, I actually am one.

Expect to hear more of this soon. It's been a while since I had anything to say here, I've been bogged down with work so much that I've hardly had time to think about other things. But the quiet period is over now. Many things need doing.

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