The lake, revisited

I had been doubting whether or not to cycle to the lake this time, given that I am now on a crappy bicycle and it's been bloody hot every single day since I came here. In the end, I couldn't resist.

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It was tough, and I don't think I can blame it all on the bicycle either. My performance has degraded a lot since the cycling trip, and I had to walk some of the steep parts. I kept wishing for the ability to switch down a gear, but I was stuck in the single one. The weather didn't help either, as it was incredibly hot, and only got hotter as the day went on.

But I made it, and it was nice. There was no nostalgia-fest and I did not feel the need to reminisce about my trip, which is perhaps out of character for me. I just went to a park, relaxed there for a while, and then went back.

Going back is the real reward. It's almost all downhill. Even on a crappy bike you can go insanely fast. It's just such a great feeling. The whole day you suffer and die going uphill to try and reach the lake, and then you're finally there and you get the payoff. The downhill ride was amazing, relaxing and inspiring in ways that words cannot describe.

I guess that's the real thing I was missing from my cycling experience so far. It's not just the places that I used to visit, it's the long-distance rides that make me suffer so badly, yet ultimately end up being rewarding every single time. I love it.

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