Getting older in Wales

Disclaimer: I've only visited a very tiny area of Wales, just Brecon Beacons national park and the area directly south of there. Based on that, I believe Wales is weird. There appears to be civilization, yet without personality, just dead-end towns that are either chavtown copies of areas around London or dead-end former coal towns where somehow everyone stayed behind yet the 21st century did not quite start yet.

Nature, on the other hand, is beautiful. The landscape is brilliant and some of the roads are excellent to drive. Not all of them though. There's so much space in the UK, yet somehow all the B-roads are shitty narrow paths only fit for one car at a time, so you have to worry at every corner about making an emergency stop. Quite a stressful driving experience. Fortunately there's some wider more open roads as well. And not much traffic.

I won't blame Wales for this, but I hurt my knee again. The last time was three years ago, but I've been worried ever since that it might happen again. I'd already climbed OoYama last year, which hurt my entire body with muscle ache but not my knee in particular, so I half hoped that I would be fine. It started out as a short hike that was advertised as being 'strenuous', which we made fun of as it wasn't that difficult. It wasn't that long either, but I pushed a little too hard and am not used to climbing any more, so ended up hurting my knee in the exact same way as before. Since the hike was short it's nothing too serious, but I did notice the day after that I couldn't really walk down stairs or slopes without hurting. Hopefully it'll pass soon. It's definitely a reminder that I'm getting older and I should respect my body's limits. Ugh.

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