I'm committed now. I'm sitting at the airside of Heathrow terminal 2, waiting for my gate to be announced. I'm flying to Kitakyushu with ANA (smoothest checkin ever, ANA rocks) and the bike is checked in and set to go straight through to Kitakyushu. There's no going back. I've still got mixed feelings about my destination, given that there's still earthquakes going off and people being rescued, but I'm starting quite north of the problem area and will be cycling away from it, so hopefully I won't run into too many issues. Aftershocks are predicted and apparently a serious rainstorm is sweeping over Kyushu and the bit of Honshu just north of it, resulting in landslides and mountain roads being generally crap. Not the most ideal of circumstances to start a cycling trip, but then again, cycling trips are not meant to be ideal. Here goes :)

Ganbatte Japan! Wish you all the best with the rescue efforts. If I have a chance to help along the way I will do what I can.

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